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Visit Salagou on an electric boat

Navigating without a license!

Discovery of Salagou electric boat is an unique experience.

Alone, with family or friends, you will find an electric boat for you. Easy to control our boats take you to express your desires, in a creek for an unforgettable moment.


You 'll be able to navigate all day effortless and carefree.


To preserve the Salagou site our boats are silent and environmentally friendly and respect ecosystem, its fauna and flora. 

Rental offers


The AP 370 is a nice electric boat to ride:

high performance engine, combining autonomy and a pleasant speed.

  • 5 shaded squares.
  • easy handling for docking on the shores of the lake with the possibility of leaving the engine water.
  • a storage box.

Our advice: for families, friends, fishermen, ideal for walks decorated picnic and swimming breaks.

 1h  21€
 2h  38€
 3h  55€
 4h  72€
 5h  89€
 1 journée  120€


The Cap 370 is an ideal boat for the family walk.

Its V-shaped hull with lateral recess, gives it very good nautical qualities: good with the waves and stability.

  • CAP 370:
  • Length: 3.70 m.
  • Width: 1.70 m
  • Number of persons: 5-3 Category D-C
  • attachment points front and back,
  • deposit box forward,
  • side console, steering wheel and steering cables, rear upholstery.

CAP 370 is ideal for a good time. Picnic on the lake an original idea to share with family or friends.


 1h  25€
 2h  46€
 3h  67€
 4h  88€
 5h  109€
 1 journée  152€

Latest arrival

1 person kayak ideal for fishing

Incredibly functional, fast and made for fishing, it is also very stable;


Long, slender, light and noiseless, this kayak electric assisted will be your favorite fishing buddy! Its comfort and stability gives you a very safe on the lake and is very suitable for long days fishing.


It is a perfect kayak to fit discreetly into a fishy water.

eKayak RATES
 1h  15€
 2h  26€
 3h  37€
 4h  48€


All our offices are equipped with:

  • a life jacket per person (for children suitable vests) to EC standards
  • a mooring rope
  • a bilge pump or bailer if the boat is not self-draining
  • paddles
  • of a display safety instructions

In addition, boat support is present on the booth rental for your comfort.

They also have :

  • a roof,
  • a consumption gauge,
  • a way to get back on board: a scale
  • a map of the lake with the navigation time estimates and sites to discover ...



Pause gourmande et Bateaux

       Service non stop 
(sous réserve de modification).

  • du 1er juillet au  21 août - Ouverture de 10h à 21h00 - 7/7j - Lundi au dimanche
  • du 22 août au 2 septembre - Ouverture de 10h à 21 h00 - 6/7j - fermeture le mercredi
  • du 3 au 30 sept. - Ouverture de 10h à 20h30 - 6/7j - Mercredi jour de fermeture

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Information & Réservation

       Nous contacter : 06 26 64 46 72

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       GPS 3.35564 long 43.679702 lat
       Lac du Salagou rive des Vailhés

       Autoroute A75 sortie 54 ou 55