Can I book?

You can book by phone, 10:00 to 12:00 from Monday to Sunday. It is necessary to contact us 48 hours in advance at least, or even a week in peak season.


Are dogs allowed?

Yes, under certain conditions.


Should we leave a deposit?

A valid ID for all rentals will be required.


How is the payment if you exceed the allotted time?

You pay before departure according to the rental time chosen; for every timeout the price 1/4 hour will apply.


Group rates

Do you apply group rates?

Yes, we make a 10% discount for group of more than fifteen people.


Is it possible to rent a boat one or more days?

Yes, in this case you must contact us for the rental terms and rates.


Lake Salagou

How long will we need to visit the lake?

It takes about three hours round trip. We recommend you allow extra time to swim, enjoy the sites and picnic ...


Can we stop or dock with a boat on the banks?

Yes, it is however necessary to take into account the explanations given initially by us.


What's the water temperature?

In summer, the water temperature can reach 28 ° C


On the lake, are there areas of navigation prohibited?

Three zones are marked on the lake. The first is marked with white buoys; the second is parallel to the dam with the same signaling. The third is the supervised swimming area marked with yellow buoys.


The boats

Do we need a boat license?

No, but the presence of a person over 18 years is compulsory on board each boat. For rentals, Salagou eFun deliver you an explanation of the boat departure.


is there roof on boat?

All our boats are equipped with a roof. These roofs only protect from the sun, they are not suitable for rain. If wind too strong we will take the freedom not to install them.


Can we keep our stroller in the boat?

The suggested model is the AP370 can receive an unfolded stroller more passengers. Otherwise, strollers, bicycles can be left at the stand.


Can we swim from the boat?

It is possible to swim from all boats. For your convenience, a scale is available to you.


Have boats storage lockers?

All our boats are equipped with closed chests and protected from water. They are not tight "your bathes" to rain. The ability coffers is minimal.


Is there map of the lake on the boat?

A map with a legend of the sights to see and the average time on each boat.



We have a baby, are there precautions to take ?

We welcome everyone from any age. Boats can accommodate a carrycot or baby seat.


are there life jackets in boats? Safety equipment?

All boats are equipped with so many life jackets as licensed spaces and two paddles, rope for mooring, a bilge pump or bailer and a safety display (telephone, regulations, instructions ...). Suitable lifejackets are provided at the check-in before each ride.


Is there water in boats?

Our boats are either self-bailers or equipped with a pump or bailer; So the bathing water or rain can be discharged.


On the water, can we contact you?

In each boat, you will find a poster including stand numbers.